Search Process

Your recruiter serves as your “marketing” representative:

The best and brightest people want to work at the best companies.       They want a great work environment, a challenging job and fair rewards for their successes.

The Clarion Group identifies the top candidates for you, evaluates their experience and determines their fit into your organization. Then we market you to them: We get them excited about working for your company. You should be seeing people at their best during this phase of the search – if they are not passionate about their careers and about joining your organization, let’s pass on them and move onto other candidates.

We facilitate the process of interviewing, hiring and transitioning hires into their new work environment. You get a new employee who can quickly become productive.

There are three things we bring to the search process that ensures you see the best people:

  • We look for people with the right combination of current responsibility and previous experience that validates their skill set. They have a track record of performing at or above the required level.
  • We conduct several in-depth interviews with candidates to “qualify” them prior to presenting them to you. We get insight into a candidate’s work style and whether they are a good fit for your corporate culture, mission and values.
  • We perform an effective reference check on serious candidates, as a means of identifying strengths and weaknesses shown in past positions as well as looking for any inconsistencies in interviews, resumés or other documentation.

The end result is a new, highly motivated employee who is the “best fit” for your organization.