Working With A Recruiter

A professional recruiter (a.k.a. search consultant) has been engaged by an employer to assist them in filling a new or open job.

In the case of an “internal” recruiter they may be direct full-time or contract employees of the hiring company.

Frequently job seekers may mistake a recruiter for an employment agency. The latter may represent an employer (or inaccurately say they do) or offer to represent the job seeker. Some may even charge job seekers a fee to rep them. While this “Hey, I have a candidate for you” approach may work for lower level positions it can harm most people as employers tend to reject unsolicited resumes submitted by a third party (e.g., an agency). Even if they see your information and are interested there is hesitation about any potential strings or undisclosed fees attached.

A recruiter has an existing relationship with the hiring employer, understands the requirements of the job, company cultural environment and compensation range. While they won’t represent your candidacy exclusively its in their own best interest that the match they make between you and an potential employer is an good one. Just remember:

  • First impressions count.
  • The traits you show a recruiter is how they judge you as a potential employee (courtesy, prompt responses, attention to detail).
  • Respect the gatekeeper no matter how valuable you think you are.

We look forward to working with you.