TCG CareerServices

The TCG CareerServices Team helps job seekers attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, and win the interview & selection process.

Whether you are changing careers, looking for a new job in the same industry or have an important job interview coming up we can help. Our services available include:

      • Resume review and editing or creation of a new one.
      • Cover letter targeting to get hiring managers to pay attention.
      • Job search strategies to organize your effort, identify jobs not offered through traditional channels and jump the line in the interview process.
      • Business networking techniques to better use professional and personal contacts and social media.
      • Career discernment to help find a fulfilling career that also will pay well.
      • Pre-interview coaching that can include mock interviews and video critique.
      • Reference verification to ensure you get accurate reviews.
      • Negotiation consultation to ensure a fair and understood job offer.

For additional information on our TCG CareerServices please complete the form below or call us at (530) 409-3819.   We provide an initial, 20-minute phone consultation at no charge.