Search Process

A recruiter should serve as your marketing representative, not a resume conduit.

The best and brightest people want to work with the best organizations. They want a stimulating work environment, challenges and rewards for their successes.

The Clarion Group identifies these top candidates for you. We evaluate their previous performance and work history and determine their potential fit into your organization. Then we market you to them: We get them excited about working for your organization. You should be seeing people at their best during this phase in the relationship; if they are not passionate about their careers and about joining your organization, we move on to other candidates.

We facilitate the process of interviewing, hiring and transitioning them into their new work environment. We help you keep the momentum you need to successfully find talented people and reach the desired end result – a new team member who can quickly become productive for you.

There are three things we bring to the search process that ensures you see only the best:

  • Our technical knowledge. We look for people with the right combination of current responsibility and previous experience that validates their skill set.
  • In-depth interviews. We qualify candidates over the course of several interviews prior to presenting them to you. We get insight into a candidates work style and whether they are a good fit for your corporate culture, mission and values. Unlike many other recruiters we do not use list of “essay questions” to make decisions on a candidate’s qualifications.
  • Effective reference checks. We perform multiple, open-ended reference interviews for serious candidates as a means of identifying strengths and weaknesses shown in past positions; we look for any inconsistencies in resumes and other documentation. Our research tool is customized to add position-specific questions.

The result of all this is a placement who is the “best fit.”