The Recruiting Advantage for Employers

The Clarion Group can be a strategic advantage for your company.

We can help you find the best people in your industry for a position, facilitate the interview process, help negotiate the compensation package and ease the transition of the new employee into your organization. All this is done in a timely manner with a single-minded determination to fill your need.

“Why not do it myself?” a prospective client sometimes asks. We answer:

Your job is our “number one” priority. We are not distracted by other pulls on our time, by budget meetings, or trade shows, or quarterly reports.

The independent executive recruiter can do things you or your employees can’t:

  • We can directly call your competition and talk to their top people without any accusations of tampering;
  • We can access our substantial network of industry sources as well as our own and other proprietary databases of candidates;
  • We help “market” your position to candidates, adding an independent third-party voice to describing the advantages of your company, work environment and industry perception; and
  • We build a personal relationship with candidates, giving us insight into their hot buttons, concerns and walk-aways.

Time is money. Every day that a key position goes unfilled costs you money in lost productivity and revenue. Goals are harder to meet and positions that remain open too long are targets for cutting.

We also can complement the work of internal recruiters, bringing to the assignment specific industry knowledge, experience and contacts that a generalist may not have.

Your position is our priority. We will help you hire the highest quality person as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  For more information call us today at: (530) 409-3818.