The Clarion Group Celebrates 20 Years in the Executive Search Business

Sacramento, April 2, 2014 – In a business where big firms get bigger and most small ones die off The Clarion Group this week has managed to celebrate the start its third decade as a “boutique” executive search firm.

“From humble beginnings to a humble present, we like to think we’ve spent the time focused on our search clients and job seekers rather than grow for growth’s sake,” observed Patricia Briand, a co-founder of the firm. “Our business model from the start has been to be the opposite of the types of many of the recruiters we dealt with when we had corporate jobs.

“Over the years we have had clients that included some the country’s largest and smallest companies and we give each the same level of excelled service,” she said. “Being a small firm we don’t bury our clients and candidates in multiple levels of account people and sourcers. You deal directly with a principal on each and ever search.”

In recent months Ms. Briand has been heading The Clarion Group’s expansion into services offered directly to job seekers. “Our TCG CareerServices” gives us an opportunity to work directly with individuals, help them develop their personal brands and better prepare for interviews,” she said.

About The Clarion Group.

The Clarion Group is a full service executive search firm that works nationwide with organizations to help them find and hire top talent. Its TCG CareerServices Team help job seekers develop personal brand-based job search strategies supported by powerful resumé and social media support.