At the request of some clients, The Clarion Group offers the option of using combinations of executive search services on an “unbundled” basis to match their varying talent management needs.

This allows companies to customize various services to supplement internal recruiting resources. Clients have found these services especially useful as a temporary means to handle bursts in hiring activity and recruiter turnover

Our “MyInternalRecruiter” services include:

  • Assistance with a search strategy for an open or new position;
  • Preparation of job description(s);
  • Drafting of job postings for internal, Internet and newspaper/journal use;
  • Selection of free and paid Internet career sites and posting of the job(s);
  • Management of postings and receipt of resumes;
  • Initial screening of resumes to cull out unqualified candidates;
  • Secondary review of resumes to develop candidate list;
  • Phone and/or e-mail contact with potential candidates to evaluate their suitability and interest;
  • Management of flow of resumes and candidates into hiring manager and human resources department;
  • Coordination of scheduling of initial and any follow-up interviews between HR, hiring manager and candidate;
  • Collection of interviewer and interviewee feedback and reporting to client;
  • Handling of rejected candidates;
  • Presentation of the job offer to the candidate and subsequent negotiation, if any;
  • Reference checks; and
  • Assistance with the on-boarding process for new employees.

Fees for these services vary by the number used and positions to be filled. They can be used on a one-shot, short-term or long-term basis, hourly or flat fee. For more information, contact us below.